Project: 4 Seasons of Paradise by Azhar
Date: May.2021
Services: Art Direction, Photography & Design
Produced by Lost Studios
Azhar is a Houston based artist, a singer, song writer, producer, rapper and a key piece in the modern renaissance known as Celine Hills. 
In February of 2021 Azhar released his project titled "4 Seasons of Paradise." A project consisting of 4 tracks which all explore human behavior and emotions. The artist later states he found similarities between the seasons and interpersonal relations which served as the inspiration for the tittle of the project.
With this concept in mind we decided to showcase the artist and the feelings he would be exploring within the project. We asked Azhar to carry expressions mirroring to the emotions found in each track. 
We chose a super close up of the talents expressions to keep the audience entranced with the emotions in front of them and nothing else. This decision played a roll to keep the photography in a black and white color pallet as we wanted the layout to help carry the viewers eyes and build a narrative without it being forced onto them. 
Just like the photography we took a similar art direction with the typography, having it bleed into one another, similar to the blending seasons you find throughout the year.