Habib - Director / Designer | TX, USA
Habib Rehman (lives and works based out of Texas, USA) is a creative working across multiple disciplines and mediums to explore the human condition. Habib works primarily with founding teams and start-ups / stake holders to bring products to life.
If you have an inquiry please contact at: Habib@LostStudios.xyz
For marketing campaigns of all sizes:

Campaign Development
Film Direction & Cinematography
Brand & Identity Design
Art Direction
Product Design
Post Production

Pitch / Capabilities Deck Design
Creative Consultation.
Sub Stack link: topesoup.substack.com
In 2013 Habib started to take on freelance clients for video production and found himself as a lead editor for startup companies looking to gain investor attraction for series A funding.
In 2017 Habib started a production studio focused on filmmaking and photography, titled Lost Studios. Working with clients to curate brand positioning, and brand / product launch campaigns for new products and promotions.
In 2019 the Lost Studios team, lead by Habib, created an internal design studio named Poncho Club. This design firm was to work with clients regarding brand identities and strategy, along with guidelines and digital design in all sectors. 
Starting in 2021 Habib spearheaded the team over at Lost Studios to create meaningful launch campaigns that will better the target demographic of each collaborator. Through ideation and execution the team makes an effort to understand the human condition and accessibility at the core of every project.
Continuing into 2024 Habib is running the production and design studios at the highest levels of business, and with access to a capable team has started to take his creative and business expertise into consultation roles. Helping startups understand their creative, marketing and communication capabilities. At the same time helping set up creative pipelines and SOPs with new and existing creative and support teams.

In May of 2024 Habib became the Creative Director Of Studio93.io