Project: Launch campaign for "My Accessory Collection"
Date: Mar.2021
Services: Director, Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Art Director & Design
Produced by Lost Studios
Blue Hour, is a launch campaign created for premium jewelry brand My Accessory Collection. Our goal was to create a strong brand identity and communicate that to the audience anchored by the relationship the company has with their signature M.A.C blue.
We had worked for a year prior with My Accessory Collection for all their product photography needs from the start. This allowed us to not only work with the owner to set up a system and imagery that would last decades in an ever changing online landscape, but this also resulted in us understanding the mission My Accessory Collection was on and what they offered uniquely in their sector. 
The result is a strong and coherent experience for the audience, that establishes the vibrant M.A.C Blue and minimal design principles through a film commercial, photography and design assets that feel simultaneously technical, and contemporary.
Directed by Habib
Photography by Kerwin Escobar
Executive Producer: Brayden Cruz
Producer: Jenai Alatorre
Model: Olivia Hill