Project: Brand and Product Design for Nile
Date: Jun.2021
Services: Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Brand Naming
Produced by Lost Studios
In the exciting culinary world each brand wants to be a standout dish, the key to success has always been creating a unique and memorable experience. Post the Covid-19 pandemic, a culinary renaissance unfolded in our very own kitchens. People worldwide found joy in cooking for themselves, friends, and family. Recognizing food as a universal bond, we aimed to assist cooks worldwide in crafting delicious menus.

Nile Marketplace helps you organize by breaking down your desired recipes into manageable grocery lists! Our task was to revitalize the branding and reimagine product design. The work spanned from user journey's to fleshing out product maps and initializing a brand strategy to develop all desired products with the limited resources at hand. 

With our work with Nile the team has a clearer outline of deliverables, internal and external structure and a sophisticated yet simple word mark to translate across the worlds kitchens.