Project: Brand Identity for podcast show "The Devil's Advocate"
Date: Jun.2021
Services: Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Brand Naming
Produced by Lost Studios
In crowded markets, it’s important to make sure branding has the unique edge needed to stand out. Our analysis of "The Devil's Advocate" podcasting niche revealed potential for the brand to stand out with a higher standard of visual communication. 
We developed a bold visual language that demands the attention it deserves. This energy and boldness was translated with the application of an old English typeface. Our design strategy then allowed us to organize and communicate new content and ideas with the audience swiftly. 
The new identity was applied through communication channels such as social media and live broadcasting to create continuity and generate stronger brand awareness and identification for the viewers. 
With "The Devil's Advocate" branding, we were able to push the brand to a more premium position in their market, whilst keeping it cohesive enough to communicate properly with their growing community.