Project: Apparel design for Dario Valenzuela
Date: Nov.2020
Services: Brand Design, Art Direction, Design
Produced by Lost Studios
The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself. The I wish you were here film was created by Dario Valenzuela. This story follows the emotions the director identifies within themselves as they wanted the viewer to experience to be what is like to go back to the place where you lost a loved one
Our task was first to create a stunning visual identity for a poster of the film. Then, to create apparel that would have a strong interpretation of the film with solely the use of typography. With the use of custom fonts and manipulation we were able to create the WYWH apparel which was to be made available to all patrons of the film and Dario. 
The result was a catalogue filled with a variety of designs based on typography and a minimal color pallet.